The 5 Tenets

1. Wear Your Belt

It might sound simple to you, even unnecessary, but the truth is too many agencies don’t mandate belt wear. And even among those that do, many officers ignore policy because the culture doesn’t value it. The truth: Seatbelts save lives.

Article: Wear Your Belt. Watch Your SpeedBy Travis Yates

2. Wear Your Vest

We know vests save lives. We know that bullets can fly when we least expect it. Add to that the fact that body armor can improve your likelihood of surviving a car accident or other traumatic event and you quickly see why you must wear it. Always. Period.

Article: Wear Your VestBy Jeff Chudwin

3. Watch Your Speed

Why do cops drive fast? Because they can, right? Well, driving faster than what conditions warrant is a sure way to get in trouble. Of course there are times when getting on scene quickly is critical. But these times are rare. Too often, officers are speeding—just because they can. In the process, they are putting themselves and the public at perilous risk for no good reason.

Article: Wear Your Belt. Watch Your SpeedBy Travis Yates

4. WIN—What’s Important Now?

It’s a simple question that can elicit profound results. It’s a question that will lead to deliberate action, not reaction. If you are constantly prioritizing what’s most important, you won’t have time for the distractions that can get you in trouble, hurt or killed.

Article: WIN—What’s Important Now? – By Brian Willis

5. Remember: Complacency Kills!

Chief Jeff Chudwin perhaps said it best: “Complacency is among the most dangerous and insidious threats we face because it lays us open to all others.”  Complacency is why police officers think they can go without vest and seatbelts. It’s why they think they can speed and allow themselves to be distracted. To quote Chief Chudwin again: “Complacency will kill you.”

Article: Complacency KillsBy Jeff Chudwin